Wingfoiling in Hyères

The brand new discipline of the moment :


A “Wing” is a wing that you hold by a boom or handles while you are on a foil board (SUPfoil, Surf-Foil or even Kitefoil).

Secured by a leash, this new feature allows the rider to discover new sensations with great freedom of movement. The WING FOIL is already enjoying well-deserved success. Usable in SUPfoil, Wind Foil, Surf-Foil and Kitefoil, it is THE new trend in water sports.


1hr 30mins


Maximum 2 people.

In shallow waters. On-board monitor.


Three 1 hr 30 min lessons


Maximum 2 people.

In shallow waters. On-board monitor.


Five 1 hr 30 min lessons


Maximum 2 people.

In shallow waters. On-board monitor.


(also called wingfoil, wingsurf or even wingfoiling) They are on all the kite, surf and windsurf spots and this is only the beginning! Many people now want to start wingfoiling in Hyères; surfing with a wing sail: a real mix between windsurfing and kitesurfing, floating above the water thanks to the advent of foils. All brands dedicated to water sports are developing this new support and with the growing evolution of accessible, easy and suitable foils, a new discipline is born!




The SUPfoil (or Stand-Up Paddle Foil) is an innovative variation of the traditional stand-up paddle. In this discipline, a foil wing is attached to the underside of the board, allowing the user to rise above the water surface as they gain speed. The advantage of this technique is that it offers an almost frictionless gliding sensation, allowing riders to surf smaller waves or even flat water, while using a paddle to propel and steer the board.

Wind Foil

Wind Foil is an evolution of traditional windsurfing. As with SUPfoil, a foil wing is attached to the underside of the board, allowing the surfer to “fly” above the water once a certain speed is reached. Thanks to the reduction in friction, riders can reach higher speeds and enjoy a unique sliding sensation, even in lower wind conditions. The mast of the sail is always used to catch the wind and propel the board.

Surf Foil

Surf-Foil is an adaptation of traditional surfing where, again, a foil wing is attached to the board. This configuration allows surfers to glide above the water, offering a new dimension to surfing. The main advantage of Surf-Foil is that it allows surfers to catch and ride waves that would normally be considered too small or too soft for traditional surfing. It is a discipline that requires a certain mastery, because controlling the foil requires a different technique from that of classic surfing.


Kitefoil combines the art of kitesurfing with foil technology. Instead of gliding across the water’s surface with a traditional kitesurfing board, the kitefoiler uses a board equipped with a foil to rise above the surface. This provides a gliding experience with less resistance, allowing for higher speeds and the ability to sail in lighter wind conditions. Additionally, the sensation of flying over water provides a unique experience that many kitesurfers enjoy.



For an easy start, the choice of board is essential! A large board with a volume greater than your weight. If you weigh 80 kg, you can start with a 120/130l board. This will allow you to float better, you can start on your knees to gain a little speed before getting up. With progression you will very quickly be able to do a waterstart a bit like in windsurfing and thus use a board with a much lower volume to favor the maneuverability and reactivity/volatility of the machine.


The wing can be done from a SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) or a large longboard, but it’s very slow, we’re not going to lie, the advantage is to combine it with foil!!! To gain speed and ride the waves, it is better to combine it with the foil. The surface of the wing could be between 1200 cm² and 1800 cm² (lift), the length of the mast is not that important at the start, but it is better to stay within the standards, especially to start wing foiling at the Presqu island of Giens!

Super easy to take anywhere, because it fits in a small bag twice the size of a kite, incomparable compared to windsurfing: no need for a mast or wishbone 😉. For the size of the wing, the standard surface is around 4m², however you will find wings from 2.5m² to 6m², to be adapted depending on the force of the wind and your weight and the surface area of your wing. That’s quite a few parameters, so the advice of a pro from our sailing school in Hyères is not too much to combine all these variations with each other, especially at the beginning.

For larger sizes, if it can have a window it’s a plus to see what’s happening downwind. The leash is attached to your wrist and to the front of the wing. Another one on the board…Inseparable accessory: Ze pump! Sometimes delivered with the wing when purchased (but not always!) be careful to find out carefully because the inflation tips are often different depending on the brand… There are adaptable kits 😉


To start wing foiling you need a sea that is not too rough, ideally flat!

Body of water clear of possible dangers downwind and with a shallow water area to return on foot if necessary (first sessions). The Spinout spot benefits from the ideal profile for starting Wing, and other activities such as windsurfing and Stand-Up Paddle. In terms of wind strength, you need around 15 knots, ideally oriented side-shore (parallel to the beach) up to 20-25 knots maximum at the start.

Despite its ease of access, a complete introductory course in a school to acquire the basics is highly recommended and will accelerate your learning.

Very quickly, you will be able to withstand greater wind forces depending on your progress. Bright sunshine and hot water are also facilitating factors 😉

The helmet and the neoprene + slippers combination are essential to start safely and avoid possible injuries linked to practice: cuts, scrapes, various impacts with the equipment or the environment (stones in the little toe, car door on the parking, kicking the foil, sea urchins at the exit of the spot…in short, there are as many as there are stories!!!)


If you have always dreamed of having wings and you like windsurfing or kitesurfing, you will love wingfoil! Choose the right size board and your wing before going out to have fun with the other boards in the water! Thanks to professional equipment (leash, helmet and neoprene suit, etc.), you risk nothing while practicing this sport! In addition, Spinout guarantees you a fun and simple wingfoil course! Communication is at the center of learning this kitesurfing-like sport. Find out the price of our courses now and set off on an adventure! If at first practicing this sport will seem complicated to you, don’t worry, you will quickly get a taste for the sensations of freedom and pleasure provided by this wing board. We’ll let you reserve an available slot and we’ll see you soon!


If you have any questions, contact us!


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