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Located along the salt road, the beach of Almanarre has become a must during your stay in Hyères. The white sand beach is 5 kilometers long and has attracted a large number of tourists and windsurfers in recent years.


The shallow depth of the water will make it easier for families to swim, and they will be able to leave their children on board in complete tranquility. Depending on the weather, the water can become agitated and make the snowboarders happy. The beach of Almanarre has always been famous for the quality of its conditions, perfectly adapted to the practice of sailing sports. Swept by the Mistral wind most of the year, the beach offers real benefits. It should be known that the salt road closes the access to the vehicles during the winter, allowing to take full advantage of the walk by the sea.

almanarre giens windsurf

The beach of Almanarre is the largest sand of the city of Hyères.

True attraction of the seaside resort, the beach is not far from the old marshes, you can even see some flamingos on your way. At the end of the salt road is the Giens peninsula. This is why our Spin Out sailing school is perfectly located, you will be on site if you ever want to practice windsurfing on this spot become mythical, or if you want to take advantage of our rental services or our sailing courses.

Profile of the beach of Hyères

The beach of Almanarre is a long sandy beach, perfectly equipped to welcome families or lovers of snow sports. The beach is easily accessible by car, and has several free car parks facilitating the parking of holidaymakers in high season. You will find restaurants located on the coast, and enjoy sunny terraces with friends or family. Bathers will have showers and toilets available, as well as mattress rentals for lazy days.

The beach is supervised during the summer season, children will enjoy a safe swim. You will find precisely two supervised bathing areas in high season: the first is located after the Almanarre roundabout near the car park, the second is located in the center of the beach.

almanarre giens windsurf

By clicking on the link opposite, you will find the cameras of the windsurfing spot of Almanarre, in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The images will inform you of the weather conditions live, in order to better prepare your windsurfing session in Hyères. This will give you a good overview of the orientation of the wind and the state of the water.


The spot Almanarre is located on the peninsula of Giens, about twenty kilometers from Toulon in the southern tip of the Var, France. More than four kilometers long and composed of sand and pebbles, the beach offers all the ideal conditions for windsurfing and other water sports (kitesurf, paddle, kayak, …).

 The beach of Almanarre is one of the most famous spots to practice windsurfing in the South of France. The site is perfectly oriented, and enjoys perfect conditions all year round for lovers of windsurfing and other water sports. In a westerly wind, or Mistral, the spot is particularly popular with riders, who find themselves on the bay to set sail. Guaranteed show for observers!

almanarre giens windsurf

Weather conditions

Regarding the conditions, you should know that the wind speed has a lot of influence on the water and the safety of windsurfers. With a westerly wind of less than 20 knots, the body of water remains relatively calm and therefore accessible to all. On the other hand, in the east-east wind, when the wind comes from the ground, the spot will take very little wind and therefore little swell.

The most favorable wind sectors are: Southwest, West and Northwest. On average, more than a hundred days a year are navigable.

Freestyle, free-ride, all styles are possible at Almanarre. It is even possible to send some jumps off, where the swell rises from time to time big peaks. Several shoals can also raise waves between Almanarre and Madrague. In strong winds, it is better to get into the water to the right of the spot, more sheltered from shore-breack. For many years, this mythical place has been the scene of world-class events.


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